Book Review – “Unraveling”

By Guest Blogger April Marcom.  April works as a substitute teacher of all grades in her local schools, but her true passion is writing, especially young adult fiction. When she’s not teaching or writing, she’s enjoying the country life with her family and many, many animals.

I don’t think I realized how a woman could be truly trapped in a relationship, with absolutely no way out, until I read this book.

Unraveling, by Dionne Sparrow, is told in a way that made me feel like the author was sitting in front of me, pouring out her difficult life’s story to me. Although it could use a good polish by an editor, it was written in real language, about the very real things she’s suffered through.

After spending some time in The House of Ruth, following a beating severe enough to send her to the hospital, Dee tries to get away from the abusive relationship she’s in. Only a teenager, she’s takes refuge with some out of town relatives. But the abusive x-boyfriend and father of her child finds her and gives her no choice in returning to him. If she refuses, he’ll burn down the house she’s staying in with everyone inside of it. If she calls the police, he’ll break her neck in front of them. So she’s literally left with no escape, for a time.

This is a powerful story that grabbed my interest right away and held onto it until the very end.

Along those lines, Healing Voices will present their second film, which is about high school teen and date violence, in the near future. So be sure and keep an eye out for it!


About JoAnne Tucker

JoAnne Tucker is the President of Healing Voices - Personal Stories, a non-profit organization with the mission of raising public awareness of women's strivings to overcome abusive trauma through the creation and distribution of film and video. I also write a blog called Mostly Dance which shares my experiences directing a modern dance company for over 30 years and other related topics.
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