Many Victims are Excluded from Legal Protection

Healing Voices-Personal Stories has a vision to inform and educate the public to the reality of domestic violence with a focus on the traumatized victim who struggles to recover, grow and succeed in life. While there has been a swell of support for the protection of the victims of domestic violence, the laws still lag behind. It remains an often losing battle to assert the rights of victims, however, the laws do provide a possible course for defense of victims’ rights to prosecute abusers. However, as of today, Native Americans have no way to prosecute abusers who are non-Native American, since the latter is not subject to Tribal Courts. Illegal residents have no protection, nor do Gay, Lesbian or Transgender individuals. A federal bill, yet to be passed, would include these groups, although there is no current legal protection for these people.

Board member Regina Ress suggests this link to learn more about this problem.

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