We are now officially a 501 (c) (3)!

This week our official letter arrived from the IRS announcing that we are a 501 (c) (3) public charity. I am proud to say we accomplished this on our own without the help of a lawyer saving several thousand dollars.

While it was time consuming it wasn’t hard. I carefully filled in Form 1023 and followed their checklist. There was lots of help on line from the IRS and from various other websites.  I did not spend full time on it so it took me about a week from start to finish. I mailed it off to the IRS in mid-December. I knew it would take a minimum of three months.

A letter dated May 6th asked for more information. It had a number for me to call an agent if I had questions. I did and the agent was very helpful. Board members helped proof answers to the questions.  I found responding to the questions helped us refine our mission and purpose more clearly. We mailed the requested information back the beginning of June and a letter signed June 23rd gave us our formal statement.

Having this on file gives us momentum as we prepare for our first event September 1 and begin the grant writing process for our first project.

Now I can say confidently ask for contributions assuring our donors that we are a tax deductible organization. Please be among the first to help support us as we great media for women striving to overcome abuse. Visit our website and make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution. Help support and be recognized in our first film project with the working title “You are Not Alone.”


About JoAnne Tucker

JoAnne Tucker is the President of Healing Voices - Personal Stories, a non-profit organization with the mission of raising public awareness of women's strivings to overcome abusive trauma through the creation and distribution of film and video. I also write a blog called Mostly Dance which shares my experiences directing a modern dance company for over 30 years and other related topics.
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